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Hey all! 

I bought a new pen tablet.  A Wacom QHD27" and I've run into the same bug as my companion. (irritating)

Basically when using a drawing program (photoshop/SAI) the pen pressure intermittently stops working for a stroke or two.  Example is
"stroke, stroke, STROKE, stroke STROKE...etc".   

This was an issue with my Cintiq companion as well but though it was just a defective model, apparently
a lot of others are having the same problem (on Wacom EU forums because Wacom U.S. and doesn't even have one)
and the problem hasn't been pin-pointed yet.

Anyone else have this issue and found a fix?  Thanks!
Hi everyone!  The latest issue of GameFan is available at Barnes & Noble nationwide.  Check it out if you get a chance - you can also
get a free digital subscription of GameFan by going to Magzter and entering promo code:    Gffree001

Also follow Gamefan on twitter

ty <3

We're looking for a web developer who can implement existing art assets/layout CSS editing and coding"  to a WebPress site. It's an opportunity to get your name out there and work with a tight knit passionate team and make $200-300. It's possible this could turn into a permanent position. Must be available to start right away. Send us your linked in resume (link) or email us your resume to

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Hey all, just wanted to give a heads up - I was recently partnered with


It's where I do a lot of my live drawing if you want to check it out.  Log into twitch and you can
chat live with me and the other viewers. don't forget to hit the "follow" button below the video player
to get notified of when I go live.  I will also tweet when I go live so follow Geersart  <---link

Thanks!  See you soon in chat!

Wow, got my first Daily Deviation.  

Here, at the end of all the things. by DarrenGeers

Thank you to :iconkeinzantezuken: for the suggestion and :iconthiefoworld: for the feature!

thanks everyone for the support <3

What constitutes a favorite?  Something that inspires you?  Something you find beautiful, funny or appealing?


When I see a piece of artwork that makes me say to myself "That's what I want to be able to do" or "Wow, I can't wait to get
to that level" Is normally when it becomes something I favorite.  Being able to collect amazing works to reference, draw inspiration from
and give me a goal to work towards is one of the reasons I stay on the DA community.

So keep the great artwork coming!
Hey guys!  I wanted to say a very special thank you for all the votes and support during this contest!

We won!

I'll be doing a 24 hour art live stream once the tablet arrives and drawing viewer requests so keep a look out :)


:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Thank you all so much!  I'm going to be streaming on instead of Twitch if you'd like to add me and hang out.

Will update on when I go live

thank you again!

Uploaded the process to youtube
Will post results tomorrow after I do finishing touches...  Here is the VOD if you'd like to skip though it!

follow on twitter ;
For those who may way to check it out.  I post art demos, speed-paints and misc.

Update: I also have a Twitch channel where I stream my game related work.

Come hang out if I'm streaming :) 

And Youtube -

And Twitter

   @ Geersart
Anyone have any good JRPG's they'd recommend?
[UPDATE]  I've been contacted and the staff member said that the violation that was listed was wrong, it wasn't because it was "explicit pornography" but instead "inappropriate portrayal of a minor".  Which I don't understand considering there was no "offensive" nudity.  (nipples, genitalia)

I guess I"ll just edit the image and re-upload it? I don't know.  Somehow this one gets reported but the 1000 other nudity containing Korra images on DA are acceptable.  Cool DA. Keep up the good work!

If you're wondering where the image of Korra lifting went a DA staff member decided it was explicit pornography and decided to delete it.  Trying to get things sorted out now. -_-

Funny how DA works.
Hello everyone!  Just writing to let people know that I've set up a print shop on Etsy!  Check it out.

Geersart Shop!

I'm also taking commissions.  Send me a PM!