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The Legend of Zelda, super edgy and dark by DarrenGeers The Legend of Zelda, super edgy and dark by DarrenGeers
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ShinigamiRyuku Featured By Owner 5 days ago
SteamyStefano Featured By Owner Edited Feb 15, 2016  Professional Filmographer
still within # MAXIMUM EDGE threshold
ChaosMiles07 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
> "The super dark and edgy one that reddit wanted"
> " that reddit wanted"
> "...reddit wanted"
> "...reddit..."
DarrenGeers Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
it was a running joke at the time
VossZero Featured By Owner May 28, 2015
Its just SO edgy! So much edge and edge-like qualities. 
MVDLannister Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014
Damn! Love it!!
GlitchSamo21 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014
Congratulation, this artwork that appeared in FaceBook, got my attention!
LycoRogue Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
MFW: A Link Between Worlds.... You essentially have Lorule and Princess Hilda in the above sketch (upside down triforce and all)
new-age-art-124 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
This reminds me a lot of Link Between Worlds, but obviously a lot more edgy and dark. Well done!
CommodoreZeke Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Yeah, I was just thinking that this anticipated some elements of LBW. Good thing it didn't also have this sarcastic "grimdark" tone!
TheDemonskunk Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dunno, Majora's Mask was pretty dark.
this is silly and cool, though. I like the 'dark hyrule shield' and zelda thingey.
LostTribesManlyAnime Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hoooowwwl Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
CaymanForrest Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sun-Down14 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013
ArtySpartyGirl Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
JoelWhite Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Link's hair is sharper than his sword! Good work
StickFiguresCO Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Student Interface Designer
I love it! Only pet-peeve is that I don't want Link to be Sir Manly Man. I think the fact that he looks like the average young man adds to the feeling of him overcoming obstacles, and really puts an emphasis on his aspect of "courage" that Sir Hulk just doesn't do for me. But that's just my opinion. The artwork itself is awesome. :)
DarrenGeers Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
It was done as more of a joke/parody in response to a lot of reddit threads saying the games should be darker or more brooding.  I enjoy link as he is as well.
Fanniiedes Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013
Wow! Favourite!
DarrenGeers Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Meema Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
RedWingsDragon Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013
Awesome work here
Unmeimiru Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I would so play the game if it existed.
FantasyDragons Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013
Ooo interesting concept! I would actually love this idea to come to life!
Great work :)
zeldanatico Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Me lo puedo imaginar. Excelente trabajo

I can imagine. Excellent work
HikenoAce Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
that picture is really good, you are talented! n_n Link is really manly..
ZeshArt Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there any way you can explain your coloring/blending process.. I'd love to learn to color like that. It seems like your just blending colors with the smudge tool in the video into like perfect lines.
DarrenGeers Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I have some demo's up on my youtube channel where I work in real time :)
AaronFrick Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Great work
Ether101 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
If you factor in the mind set of the development team then all modern Zelda games are dark.
dragon-of-dr3ams Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. You can feel the story just by looking at it. Nice job, this really makes me want a darker game, too!
DarrenGeers Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thanks :)
ShadowMKII Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OscarKvitberg Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What the fuck?
that's amazing, geez dude
Bandincorperated Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
SuperBluePanda Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
meanderer89 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Oooooh, The Evil Within
Aikoryu-Illustrator Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow ! That's amazing worl ! :3
Requiemthefallen Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Professional General Artist
Okay, I actually really like what you produced, but it's not my ideal "gritty LoZ".

If you want I can tell you what it would be, but I imagine you've already had an overflow of comments telling you what they'd actually want.
DarrenGeers Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
go for it :) I'm curious to see what others would have wanted.
Requiemthefallen Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013  Professional General Artist
I apologize if it's a bit lengthy -- like I said, it was a long car ride, so I ended up coming up with a lot of stuff for it.
Requiemthefallen Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Professional General Artist
Alright. To be honest, LoZ: Twilight Princess was always the entry that most interested me, as I loved the art direction and tone, but I'd have a different scenario. We often have the opening be that Link is just a farm hand or some kind of peasant. Instead, why not have him be an apprentice to Midna? She can then teach him what he needs and provide backstory without being a "hey, listen!" character. Players would start out in a region in the forests around Hyrule that the beings like Midna would be residing in (hiding like the non-human races of Narnia in Prince Caspian).

Outside of this region there would be two more, along with the various dungeons, abandoned temples, and peasant villages (potentially under attack by bandits or one of the two region's factions) filling up the land. Upon finishing the inevitable Hero's Trial that functions as a tutorial, Link would be allowed to venture out into the world as the player sees fit. He will have most of his standard gear ready, and can gain additional (and in some cases, completely optional yet very helpful) gear from exploring Hyrule. His primary weapon would be his sword, but unlike in other LoZ games, it is also like a primary health bar. Your sword is an ancient one, one that was broken long ago and Midna gives you the task of putting it back together, finding the various pieces. While it is not necessary to gain every piece, they would all serve as hit points, just like the usual heart system, and when maxed out, would allow for serious damage. Link would have to time his blocks and dodges in combat and recollect every piece that breaks off from the sword. He could even use two hilts to split the blade in half and give him two faster attacking swords, at the cost of having a weaker block and the chance of losing two pieces of the sword instead of one. He would also have small explosive satchels, his boomerang, a bow, and Epona to speed his exploration. The sword is merely one of two main hooks for exploring though, as the second would be the overarching narrative of war in Hyrule.

The two factions at war are led by Zelda and Ganon, each leading their respective faction after a peace treaty gone wrong ends with Zelda's father, the king of Hyrule, assassinated. Zelda is now queen of Hyrule, but is not adjusting well and hides her uncertainty, anxiety, and desperation behind a cool facade, trying to lead a war while managing the nation's affairs. She blames Ganon and his people, who had ventured from a foreign land, then through the forests of the Twilight, of trying to divide the people of Hyrule and take the land for their own. As the war proceeds on, Zelda will get exceedingly more drastic, coming to the point of twisting the Tri-Force to her will in order to gain the power necessary to end the war. To her, Link is nothing more than a trickster, as she does not trust the Twilight and especially not Midna.

Ganon on the other hand is a leader of his people, strategic, cunning, but not the most morally sound man. He looked to Hyrule as a promise land, and braved fighting his way through the land of the Twilight (who are not very fond of interlopers) just in order to make it within his borders. He is insulted by the accusations presented at him, and leads a guerrilla style offensive, meanwhile using the majority of his forces to build up and defend his people's only city in Hyrule, having to leave smaller colonies of his people to fend for themselves. He will do whatever is necessary to keep his people safe, even if that does mean clearing the people of Hyrule from the land just so that they can finally have a land to exist peacefully. He views Link as the type of young man who could become a valuable ally, but remains wary of anyone taught by Midna, as she was the one who refused to allow him safe passage through the Twilight forests.

The player, as Link, would have to choose which faction to support, with the additional choice of instead of siding with either faction, staying with the Twilight on the sidelines and cleaning up the remains afterward to claim the land for themselves. You also can potentially ally the Twilight with either faction, pretty much guaranteeing victory for them but also putting the stability of the region in danger. You can also abandon your heritage and become a pure ally to either Ganon or Zelda, dealing with the consequences of both. And even in the end, when both leaders have hit their extreme, it will be your choice who to fight, whether to continue down the path you've chosen, or to turn on what you've believed because you see it leading down a path you won't go. Or maybe even reject all of them, taking out Zelda, Ganon, and Midna and either becoming king of Hyrule or leaving the entire region is disarray without leaders.

It's all up to the player, it all still works within the usual Zelda framework, and it solves the issue of lack of choice that some gamers have with Zelda. And the icing on the cake? The entire story, save certain key characters, would be narrated by Link, in a similar vein to Bastion. It would be him as an adult, describing his younger self, allowing the playable Link to remain mute as LoZ fans prefer while also still giving him something of a voice.

Instead of being the ONLY ONE who can SAVE THE WORLD, you are just the right man, in the right place, who can make his own choices, and change the world around him. There'd even be potential for post-campaign content set after the finale, allowing you to see how your choices play out or maybe even venture to new regions and locations than you could previously -- but all of it would be made for after the story's completion, no cut content, no repurposing.

Sound at all interesting? I came up with it during a long car ride when all I had to read was Game Informer's Skyward Sword issue. Finally decided, after reading about so many other LoZ games, what would be an ideal one for me, and the above is what I put together in my head.
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Mechatorachiman Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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